i finally got my internship yesterday! im excited because its a company i really wanted to work for but didnt think id have a chance at - but thanks to a referral by Ralph, im in. so i'll be moving to san diego (carlsbad) in about 2 weeks to work at Invitrogen for the summer. im gonna be in the project management group for their global services division. its gonna be sick. no more being a lab monkey.


gotta find an apt down there. anybody got leads?
SD ppl: calvin, michelle F - lets chill.


famous last words:

"I'm going to be at school from 10am to 10pm Monday and Tuesday to study for the comp exams." - Eric Forman

its Monday 3pm right now... Forman is nowhere to be seen.

man los, i just saw some recent pictures of you on mike parks xanga. man what happened? need to grow some skin on those bones. have you ever seen the movie thinner?


my cousin is a junior in high school. he'll be working for raytheon this summer! WTF. when did high school get so hardcore? homeboy has got the entire high school package: the job, the grades, the girl, the sports car (that helped get the girl), and a spot on varsity basketball (this probably also upped his 'game'). w00t.

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