goodbye walnut. hello san diego. i moved in about a day ago and we just got internet and cable set up. i have been running around buying furnishings, groceries, building ikea shit, taking drug tests for work, and filling out my contract papers. my roomate cooked a crazy healthy mediterranean dinner tonight (homeboy is from greece and they eat way better than we do in the states). san diego is such a strange place. a health conscious environmentally friendly biotech driven affluent community that is like the OC on steroids. ppl are so rich here and the area is completely new, completely expanding fast at a shanghai-nese rate. million dollar homes stamped out at assembly line speed. and unlike the mistake of silicon valley, they are doing it right: strip malls all over the place for wealthy technical labor to blow their money. take all that and add in a surfer twist and strong beach culture. teens dressed like blink-182. good looking girls and guys. and you got one helluva place even IF the pace is slower than LA or SF. man, staying here this summer i will have hit all 3 major cities in California (SF, LA, SD). California is defintely a phenomenon that has spawned a Gold Rush, the Digital Age, Hollywood, and a Biotech Hub down here in SD. no other state comes close.

my new address is:

10972 West Ocean Air Drive
Apt #388
San Diego, CA 92130

im in Torrey Hills/Serrento Valley. look me up.

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