allyp0o: and got their autographS!

internship day 2. i feel like a kid pretending to be a grownup. showing up in my BMW wearing business casual, slinging a black sidebag, and swapping casual "good morning!"s and "how was your weekend?"s over coffee break. i wasnt meant for this world. do they know that i go home listening to dr dre and tupac? collared clothing makes me stuffy and feel serious - but thats part of the plan isnt it? get in that cubicle. face that monitor. cease all inappropriate jokes and erase self expression for 8 hours. bury your identity, become faceless. become a cog. a "functional member of society".

lunch is merely a gasp of freedom.

all the rebellious songs you listen to as a kid, you didnt think youd become one of the conformists. this is the american dream? am i gonna be like this fuck next to me on the freeway? some 50 year old wearing designer sunshades and a suit is doing about 65 next to me in his maserati down the 5 south. probly lives in la jolla. should i let myself be seduced by the sun, beaches, money, exotic cars, and the eerily large amount of hot chicks in SD? this seems to be a nice place to live.

note to alice about hot chicks part: doesnt matter to me, just an empirical observation for other readers.

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