i had a pretty rough day yesterday. even on the way home from work some little girl in the car on my right stuck her tongue out at me and made an ugly face. that made me laugh and made my day... 6 beers in PB later that night sealed the deal - the best night of sleep i had all week. work is getting a bit stressful. i need to relax. have a good weekend everyone.


man i had the worst insomnia again last night. then got to work at 6:50am to do a conference call with new york. so freaking tired. have another meeting today to update my senior director on project progress. damn, insomnia always strikes at the worst times. im going to go look for some insomnia medication after work today because i was so frustrated last night, i wouldve done anything to fall asleep. maybe i was too amped from finally finishing snow crash - it only took me 6 months. ask me about this book - highly recommended. back to work.


i really despise our president.

in computer news, my desktop is acting strange. i may have to rebuild it again. have been trying to diagnose. it locks up at the most random times and does not seem stable. still usable tho. i have been finding it hard to allocate time to fix it.

"There is an informational entity known as the metavirus, which causes information systems to infect themselves with customized viruses. This may be just a basic principle of nature, like Darwinian selection, or it may be an actual piece of information that floats around in the universe on comets and radio waves - I'm not sure. In any case, what it comes down to is this: Any information system of sufficient complexity will inevitably become infected with viruses - viruses generated from within itself." - Snow Crash


nothing much to blog about lately. i am too busy living life and find myself only home long enough to sleep. the daily grind consists of: work, gym, cook dinner, then have maybe 2 hrs max to chill at night. this is when me n my roomies sit listless in front of a noisy flashing box and wait for bedtime.

frustrated at the lack of free time. on the weekends im out. on the weekdays im too tired to do anything else but exercise a bit. i had so many side projects lined up for this summer but it looks like all of them are going to get pushed back again. some of them have been shelved for the last three years. when am i gonna get time?

other than that life is great. i live by the ocean again and i love it. here is the beach 5 mins from my apt:

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