THANK GOD ITS FRIDAY. i made it to the end of the week, and i slept like a baby last night. feel like a million bucks. well, more like the $34.60 in my wallet but thats ok.

today marks the halfway point of my internship. ive already been here 6 weeks, and got 6 more weeks to go. fak, so much crap to do for my project. the weeks are flying by.


tech savvy mom:

1. she just got a 60 GB ipod photo and loaded it with 25 gigs of mp3s
2. i talk to her regularly on AIM and through e-mail
3. browses ebay
4. reads yahoo finance and news daily

ill add more when i think of it.

oh yeah 5. she drives a black escalade with 20 inch rims.


insomnia again. slept at 4, at my desk since 8. worst timing ever. they should make a movie about my life and called it the machinist.


oof! work is getting intense now. i can sense this week winding up to boot me in the ass. i had too much fun last week. i had an awesome weekend though. just gotta make it til friday!!!! t-minus: 5 days til comic con.

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