there are... gaps in my knowledge...


new common album is good.


EECS Madman: mad laundry
EECS Madman: i have been on last underwear for 3 days
naryantek: HHAHA
EECS Madman: its getting rancid

miss the slopes in tahoe right now.

the route:
5am darkness. strap board to car. pick up steve and leslie. cross san rafael bridge. UC davis halfway point. sunrise. everyone passed out except me. crystal method or atmosphere CD. sactown. raley's. placerville mcDs. enter jedi mind CD. sierra or northstar? smacked by cold mountain air. proceed to slopes. 1pm chili for lunch. 5pm head back. dusk. 7pm berkeley. dinner. thalassa's. sleeps.


student murdered in berkeley on corner of DWIGHT and COLLEGE. wtf??!! right next to unit 2.

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