exhausted. 3rd night of insomnia in a row. it wasnt that bad last night. still got 6 hrs. it took me about an hour to fall asleep as compared to the previous two nights where i layed there for 3 hrs before falling asleep. but man, its hard to get up in the morning cuz im so sore from working out. and i need a good cup of coffee to get me going once im in the office.

im going to start building in a 2 hr lead time to my bedtime so even if i get insomnia and lay there for 2 hrs, ill still be able to get 7 hrs in...


after a week or two of sleeping pretty well. insomnia strikes again for no apparent reason. was not stressed. was tired. no idea what went wrong here.

now i am at work. cranky. non-functional. and drinking loads of coffee to raise my consciousness enough to achieve baseline productivity. vicious cycle. i hate insomnia. my own personal hell.


i was listening to jazz, made me think of this painting. finally found it:

elusive silver sliver slithers through sin and silt as i quiver and slide into sleep.

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