i am bored enough at work to re-read ppl's OLD posts. how pathetic is that. its time to go home.


this one is pretty rambling.

i was reading somewhere about the problem of being institutionalized, and i thought to myself - thats it, thats what i feel like alot of us are going through at this point, but had trouble expressing in words. all our lives we are shuffled from one institution to the next. pre-school, kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school, college, grad school, corporate career... etc. its sort of big-brotherish if you think about it. the point of every institution is to prepare you for entry into the next one. you are so busy stuck in this stupid system that its difficult to break the cycle. it becomes difficult to think outside the box. even if you didn't like institutions to begin with, the system conditions you to cling to their safety and stability. higher education correlates to higher pay, right? pretty soon you navigate this convolution and cannot jump out. most of us went to college because our parents expected us to - and they were willing to pay for it. but when do you get the opportunity to jump out? i believe alot of us do, but i believe a larger majority stays plugged into the matrix, unhappy - and never fully understanding why. i know some people who are pursuing high profile careers and graduate school without fully knowing why, except the stability that it promises. these guys dont seem happy. i mean i myself am a victim also. in grad school. one that teaches me the ropes to THE most lucrative industry in the world (biotech and pharmaceuticals). "Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don't need." (Tyler Durden)

does this make any sense at all?

was reading some old entries. damn i write some dumb crap sometimes. please excuse it all.


next ups on asian cinema hit-list:

old boy *
infernal affairs 1,2,3 *
casshern *
gen-x cops (i know, i know... 6 years ago and im still not caught up)
battle royale 2
violent cop (beat takeshi)
ong bak 2 (coming out soon)
volcano high
swordsman 2 (another old jet li)
all the akira kurosawas *
how bout a pinch of godzilla for good measure... lets try godzilla rodan *

* means i dont have a copy of this and would think you are awesome if you hook it up



heard about it through word of mouth from several sources. finally got a chance to watch it tonight after having it on my to-do list for about 3 years...

the verdict: in contrast to GiTS 2, this is one of the shittiest movies ive ever seen. ive lost 2 hours of my life and ill never get it back. perhaps it holds more sentimental meaning for koreans with the reunification theme... but that really wasnt what made it shitty. it was the bad editing and wannabe michael bay cuts that resulted in numerous scenes that looked like that choppy fight from bourne supremacy (yes you remember this scene that took place in the IKEA infested german flat, its like playing doom during an earthquake). slap in some badly placed sentimental music and a forcefully weaved love arc, then drag out return of the king ending ala typical korean soap opera. shit onto foil cookie sheet and bake at 350 for 125 minutes. oh, did i mention they recycled every possible action movie cliche and found some way to work it in? (insert scene of our heroes running away from a bomb just as it explodes into a large fireball behind them, and... about 50 SWAT scenes)

cant believe i had this on my hit-list for so long and it came recommended. someone give me oldboy so i can restore my faith in korean cinema.

my life:

resorting to a report on my weekend. usually my policy to not write about stuff like this, but boredom at work motivates unusual behavior. it has come to this.

fri: dinner with parents, level 3, j-town
sat: frank n sons, dinner with grandparents, prey, k-town
sun: pala, ghost in the shell 2, barnes n nobles

man GitS 2 is freaking awesome. i wish i lived in that movie.

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