this week my guilty pleasure has been crunk rap - aka junk rap. dirty south rap has definitely dominated the mainstream in the last few years... it probably all started with juvenile's "ha" back in '99. yeah if u remember that song, you might start understanding why i have this opinion. im def not a fan, yet whytf do i bob my head to it at clubs?

so i downloaded the mike jones CD. and this has got to be the most ridiculously funny/retarded southern rap CD EVER. half this guy's songs are the same line fucking repeated four times in a row. and then he repeats the EXACT same line in every other track! wTF! oh yeah, the other 50% of the CD content is him yellin out "mike jones! mike jones!" every 2 seconds. the last most ridiculous part is him announcing his cell phone number in the exact same manner, in 14 out of the 15 tracks on the CD. i tried to go to sleep last night and all i heard in my head was "mike jones! mike jones!" --- so fucking annoying.

but i still like two tracks off the CD alot. im gonna try to check out the slim thug album next.


lost again. why am i here? i keep convincing myself that i should be happy, but at the end of the day it has slipped through my fingers.

edit: had dinner with family, feel a little better.

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