carlos was probably the dirtiest roomate at k25. lately hes taken it to a whole nother level, being grimy on the internet and all. homeboy needs to wrap a condom around his computer and stop spreading computer STDs over AIM.

carlos' response:

"Again, my apologies. And to those of you who thought I was finally IM'ing them after such a long period of time - naw.

It was just a virus, yo. Just a virus."

lol. sorry ryan.

i think i can sum up what ive learned about adulthood in 3 simple points:

1) more responsibilities
2) less free time
3) more people unhappy while trying to deal with 1) and 2)

while im at it, id like to confess that im a chronic procrastinator who cannot be efficient at time management. im not in denial anymore. i always play victim by telling myself and others that i have too much work and no time to do other stuff. i guess its time i stopped making excuses and deal with the fact that i am pretty bad at managing my time. in undergrad, id tell ppl i was studying and lock myself in a room for 4 or 5 hours... little did they know about 4 of those hours id be napping, distracting myself on the internet, or something else. at the 5 hr point id have read 4 pages. so retarded.

the lesson: if you want to get the most out of life and fit in everything you want to do - gotta become good at time management.

TONIGHT: im gonna be at NIN show @ hollywood bowl with the homies. also tonight, ferry corsten is in hollywood, i saw him at 1015 once up in the bay and he broke a sickass set - so he's def worth checkin out. for tickets go to www.groovetickets.com


up late studying for first midterm of the semester. blogging has become bland lately. and infrequent. i feel like shutting it down again. that didnt seem to work the last time i tried. more later.


great weekend.

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