since the concert i been obsessed with NIN.


today i separated my AIM list into categories. for years i was proud to have an unsegregated list while most of my friends divied it up by crew or whatever. i now have an alice category, walnut category, berkeley category, KGI category, family, and the other pile. takes getting used to - had my list unsegregated for the past 8 years.

in other news it was 99 degrees today in the IE. my black on black car became a flash roaster for passengers.

on recurring motif of steve always dying in my dreams:

stevewchiang: Did they splatter me against your garage?
naryantek: something like that
naryantek: i had a katana and for some reason u didnt get one
stevewchiang: Bastardo!
naryantek: sorry dude, i dont know who writes these things
stevewchiang: Stanley's subconscious.


i had a dream i was the most badass ninja ever. me and my samurai sword slicing through everybody. it was frickin sweet!

i had a second dream after that where my professor got mad at our class, blew his thumb, and turned into ludicris.

who the fuck comes up with this stuff??


omg someone stop my burgeoning sneakerhead habit while its still nascent. stop my all-nighter habit while you at it... looks like im gonna be up all night til class at 9 again...

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