alice time! i mean hammer time!


during a lecture on artificial pancreas technology:

naryantek: artificial pancreas?
naryantek: oh shit
naryantek: i need to get me one of these for christmas
JRyanJung: hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
naryantek: stocking stuffer
JRyanJung: hey mom i got you an artificial pancreas
naryantek: LOL
JRyanJung: "uhhhh....thanks"
JRyanJung: imagine someone opening that
JRyanJung: "wtf is this??"
JRyanJung: "look on the box"
JRyanJung: "ohhhhh an artificial pancreas"
JRyanJung: "uhhhh....thanks"
JRyanJung: thinking
naryantek: HAHHAHAAHa

for some reason this was really funny at the time.


sudden craving for german beer. actually its been 2 days now. augustiner dunkel. havent been able to find it at the european delis.


in this last year i have lost touch with more friends than all 4 years of college. ironically, ive been living at home all this time.

does that mean 24 is it? the magic age where some of us are finally beginning to embrace adulthood and let go of the past. its natural isnt it? you and i, the one reading this entry, our yuen fun is waning with each word you read on this screen.

convergence gave way to divergence. somewhere in the universe a star is born while another explodes in supernova. we go on living the rest of our lives, allowing time to distort what faded memories remain.

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