just a man struggling to match actions up to principles he believes in - without god's help. lately i realize more and more that my father taught me a set of values that would be appreciated in an ideal world, but are pretty useless in the real world. i might have more of an edge if he'd preached social darwinism to me instead of buddhism. but i cant imagine living my life any other way than how i do now.

been sick the entire month of november thanks to avian flu jeff gave me. shoulda never taken a bite of his jambalaya.

imagine if we were able to record/transcribe into text files every verbal conversation that ever happened. think of all those AIM logs you keep. it would be handy to be able to go back and look up what was said instead of relying on your infallible memory. might simplify trials too. what a rich resource to data mine in.

fuck i got so much shit to do this weekend. you guys wont see me until dec 16. peace.


so i had a few discussions with los over the weekend about the causes of homosexuality. is it genetic? i dunno if linkage studies have been done, it would be difficult to track the homosexuality through generations given the hush-hush nature of sexual preference until recent times. the debate is over whether this is a product of nature vs. nurture. is homosexuality something you are born with? or a product of environment?

my buddy with a clinical background has told me medicine classifies homosexuality as a psychological condition. this argues for nurture over nature. a quick scan of the web has shown me science has been unsuccessful in isolating a genetic cause of homosexuality, which corroborates medicine's stance. i dont know if there is much evidence supporting that it is something you are born with, besides homosexual testimonies.

now imagine if it really was genetic. and we isolated the gene, or effector, or neurotransmitter. probably within our lifetimes, biotechnology would be able to let us take control of this and alter the fate of homosexuality. imagine if parents were informed about their child's sexual preference while the child is still in the womb - and were given the option to select their kid's sexual preference! imagine a child born gay, and a doctor offering a drug which if administered over a period of time could turn the kid straight. imagine if we had the power through gene therapy to turn EVERYONE gay. imagine a world where through such selection technology, the heterosexual and homosexual ratio became 1 to 1, or if homosexuality was completely eradicated by conservatives in control, or if heterosexuality was completely eradicated and mankind reproduced through in-vitro, stem cell, or cloning methods! its all completely possible! biotechnology is bringing some amazing changes in the next 100 years - these are not far-fetched gattaca fantasies, the new world is closer than you think.

but getting back to homosexuality. the condition is probably so complex, we are not studying it the right way. perhaps we should learn more about the development of heterosexuality and work backwards from that. anyways, its an interesting topic from a biology point of view. and the ethical implications of manipulation are tremendous.


harO! i am blog from dallas! sank you!

i fucking HATE this state! from the austin shithole, to houston, to dallas, to san antonio, to that shit town where uma thurman got married in kill bill, to our frickin president. thats right, im talking crap about him in his own state - wonder if secret service is monitoring.

anyways, of all the thanksgiving luck, i am stuck in the american airlines terminal at dallas airport for the night. on the way over from newark we ran into thunderstorms, had to take an alternate route, ran out of gas, had to land at houston to refuel, then fly back to dallas through a roundabout way. it took about 8 hrs to get from jersey to dallas. i finally landed around 10:30pm dallas time - about 4 hours later than i was supposed to.

of course my connecting flight to ONT had been delayed too, an AA rep told me. but by the time i landed, it had taken off about 10 mins before. FUCK. start getting pissed and thinking about all the experiments i have to run at school tomorrow. go downstairs to rebook. line of 70 ppl in front of me in the same situation. AA rep tells me last flight to LA area left 3 mins ago. first flight to ONT tom is around 8pm... FUUUUCKKKkkk. everything else to burbank, john wayne, SD, LBC, LAX etc is booked. aiite. put me on the 10:30am to palm springs. i gotta be there by noon tom. mad meetings at school. no good. im also trying for the 8am to LAX... so here i am. sleeping on a cot with a bunch of other ghost travelers haunting terminal C.

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