in mammoth friday - sunday. hittin the slopes biatches. CUZ IM OFFICIALLY DONE FOR THE SEMESTER as of 30 mins ago. ONE MORE SEMESTER til i get out this muthfucka.


its 8th grade. mom drops you and three of your friends off at puente hills mall cuz you heard there was a 2 for 1 sale at coda. dyed bangs, baggy jeans, cross colours. you hum the latest bone thugs single ... "its the first of the month... wake up, wake up..." while cruising around sam goody's flipping over the tape of the latest shai single and asking the lady at the counter if they had the new coolio song from dangerous minds. between the four of you, none of you even know the name of the song, but during homeroom last week right before school let out for the summer, your friend showed you how he wrote out all the lyrics word for word from a copy of the song he'd taped off POWER106. "we're all sold out," the lady replies. one of your friend's comments "shit that movie was so fucking hard, you see how that big fool slammed those 2 mexicans into the locker?! fucken badass." you pretend to look around a little longer and leave the music store, one of your friends slips the shai tape into his pocket and walks out, while bragging to you how his friends back home had taught him the art of jacking. you head over to food court to grab hot dog on a stick and spot a few cuties next to tilt. they are wearing flared jeans, dark burgundy lipstick, black or grey tops, and most had long dyed hair that covered half their face. you and your friends follow em around to a few stores, trailing behind just enough so you thought they couldnt see you. one of your friends finally approaches them and talks to the tall one wearing a white tank top, "ey yo, my friend over there thinks youre cute," he says pointing to you. you wave sheepishly like an idiot and smile back. you cant tell what they are saying to each other from this distance, but she seems to be laughing. you walk away and let your friend do his thing. later on, you meet up with him and the girls to watch batman forever. luniz bumpin. 5 on it. your friend finds a pager in the theatre and you keep it. 7pm time to meet mom. spend last half hr at the mall running away from some mexicans who wanna start shit. "ill fucken kill those eses" your friend exclaims, "im gonna call my cousin on him." you come home and slip the pager into a shoebox under the bed full of japanese car emblems, ninja stars, throwing knives, firecrackers, and other miscellaneous middle school weapons. later that night you fall asleep with the headphones of your walkman on, playing D.R.S. gangsta lean...


1930s hollywood. actresses. glamor and glitz. livin in the hills. red carpet treatment in front of mann's chinese theatre with searchlights.


syriana. great movie. dont want to say much about it because i have nothing insightful to offer beyond whats already been said. no industry is innocent, whether it be oil, pharma, retail clothing, tobacco, auto. each of us is not innocent either. we are all participants in american consumerism. globalization implications will be interesting to read about in history books 30 years from now.

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