in keeping with the middle school theme, i am now listening to one of the greatest CDs ever made: Boyz II Men - II. this CD was the every-soundtrack back in the day, even ronald and randy swore by it. there was a time when i thought everyone should know who boyz II men was. when they won the grammy for this CD in '94, i told my mom "there is this idiot at school who doesnt know who boyz II men is, can you believe that shit?" she tried to gently point out my ignorance.

i was completely judgmental. the seed of allying myself with mainstream pop culture had been planted in the midst of socially competitive teeny R&B bopping middle schoolers. guys and girls standing on opposite sides of the gym during an afternoon dance, with the guys forming a circle in the corner to practice immature attempts at breakdancing. we were all trying too hard to grow up fast, that its hilarious looking back.

sometime later i realized that just because you dont know boyz II men, doesnt mean you dont have something of value to offer to this world. it took something like ripping myself away from my comfort zone to truly come to know what this meant. she tried to gently point out my ignorance, but i had grouped her with the rest.

look, just check out the damn CD if you havent heard it yet ok? they won the grammy over 10 years ago, and thats how behind in pop culture you are. peace.

idealism cracked sometime this semester.

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