congratulations to steve chiang and leslie hsu on their recent engagement!

in other news, i am no longer going to HK due to some extenuating circumstances... but its ok! im gonna be in hawaii instead!

12/31: gay aZn visionshock party i got suckered into
1/1 - 1/6: waikiki with the gf
1/9: school starts again
3/?: spring break in DC or mexico?
summer 2006: EUROPE w00t!


i guess im gonna be at this visionshock thing for new years eve. holla holla holla.


i liked munich alot despite the fact that it is somewhat disjointedly assembled and lacks the kinetic momentum of the first mission impossible movie. dramatic undertones, 3 hour running time, and a limp ending made it sag. i was expecting brian de palma with saving private ryan redemption theme, but i was surprised as well as delighted - not disappointed. it was just a really heavy & serious movie with a marathon of a running time and punctuated by weak john williams musical score. i am amused by the recreations of 1970s europe, especially in clothing, cars, and bigass sunglasses that scream beastie boys sabotage video... or is it the other way around?

so i came home and asked both my parents if they remember the munich massacre, since when i read up about it they said it was a mass media event. i was surprised that neither of them remember it as a big deal... my dad vaguely remembers something but couldnt recall the details or the countries, my mom completely denies that it ever happened...

ignorance? or KMT controlled media at work? merry christmas.

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