found this old ass AIM conversation dated 4/24/2000 ... right around 420 freshman year of college:

EECS Madman: fuuuk, i'm high again!
naryantek: haha
EECS Madman: i hate them
naryantek: HAHHAHAHh
EECS Madman: they always make me smoke
EECS Madman: do i act my age?
EECS Madman: i feel like i'm actually a kid but everyone thinks i'm an adult
naryantek: hahahhaa
EECS Madman: ithink computers are evil
EECS Madman: they fuck up how humans operate
EECS Madman: like i talk too all they fooz back home, and never actually see them, they are reduced to a set of chracters on a screen, not even a living thing
naryantek: omg im DYING
naryantek: stop
EECS Madman: why ulaugh man/.'
EECS Madman: ey keep a log of this conversation
EECS Madman: . so i can see what i say
EECS Madman: thi is my interior monologue
EECS Madman: i'm jes typing into a diary or someting
EECS Madman: ey how u alphabetize buddy list?

[20:15] allyp0o: herrrrrrrrro
[20:15] allyp0o: i know you're dying to be distracted
[20:15] allyp0o: and its taking all your willpower to ignore me
[20:15] allyp0o: but i WILL SUCCEEEED
[20:15] allyp0o: LUKE, I AM YOUR FATHUR



NYE 06

hands down the best winter vacation ive ever had. my resolutions for this year are to live healthier: stop smoking and drinking (or at least decrease it), exercise more, sleep more, balance my time better etc. school starts again tomorrow. life at high speed.

next stop: graduation and the real world.

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