[19:21] kateslien: no hot date?
[19:22] kateslien: with a cute petite asian girl with awesome skin who looks 14 preferably named alice

couldnt have said it better meself.


today i give thanks to my well rounded life. today i felt content.

other thoughts:
over the years i have evolved a heavy dose of cynicism in order to temper my innate naivete. cynicism is a double edged sword, it both sabotages hope and has made me a better bullshit detector. i have found a use for cynicism in the business world.

oh yeah, today i also got to go to the westpack and medical device & mfg (MD&M) conference in anaheim. fun stuff, beats sitting in class all day.

looking forward:
superbowl party
coldplay concert


political discourse goes "boink"

(excerpts from an online email thread where we have been discussing recent events in washington...)

david: what is everyones take on bush's authorization of warrantless wiretaps? more specifically, does anyone think bush broke the law?

gene: it might come down to a matter of perspective... Is it ok to break or bend rules to "protect"? Is it ok for governments to?

rick: The structure of our Constitution, relative to other democratic nations, is exceptionally unique. Pursuant to the libertarian tendencies of our founding fathers, the bulk of it are directed at restrictions to the exercise of governmental powers.

eric: I would hope that the other branches will do what the constitution asks and check the powers of the president in the name of balance.

LINO: u guys need to stop using big words its confusing me, i have a headache . on a side note heres some bubbles for your enjoyment ooOOooOOooOOOo

STAN: yo lino, bubbles? ... or paintballs... this is a reminder, can you get me 1 box of paint - neon green if possible so it looks like the predator blood..

LINO: hahahaa i like how i respond once to your intellectual email chain and completely turn it into kindergarten level reading


"You spend all your health trying to make money, then later in life you spend all your money trying to regain your health." - Jimmy Shiau

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