dafuk is up with st patricks day anyway? i aint fuckn irish. fuck that shit - i refuse to celebrate. i dont understand other asians who celebrate it - its just another excuse to drink.

same goes for mardi gras, u get the picture.


social currency flipped on me overnight. one day i woke up and realized that we no longer barter in clothes, cars, music, and other pop-culture know-how with new strangers we meet at this age.

essence of "coolness" has been replaced by discussions of salary ranges, end-of-year bonuses, respect for expertise in your craft, professionalism, social value, and the network of who-you-know.

its like they replaced the tablecloth beneath the silverware in one slick move and i didnt realize that the color had changed from white to pink and green spotted. the pop-culture has been outsourced to the new generation of tweenie-boppers, but the cars have stayed. goddamn even my cousins are going to college this year and will be indoctrinated into this coporate bullshit in a couple years.

yes, maybe you can tell that the professional world can annoy me. who runs this fucking circus anyway? today i received an email from my school career services office urging us to sanitize our online personalities. recruiters are regularly conducting searches on blogs, myspace, friendster, etc. to find out what you are really like. wtf man. no fucking privacy. fuck that shit.

im totally dreading being an "adult"... its just so boring, and... responsible.

"Everyday is exactly the same." - NIN

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