omg i just got back from another all night KGI goodbye party right now... and i was the first one to leave. exhausted. its a rough life man. rough life...


from dusk til dawn.

another KGI goodbye party in santa monica. probably one of the last. driving past the LA skyline at dusk, i didnt have a digital camera to capture the scene. but imagine a warm summer night after the rain. the sun is all but gone, leaving the sky a faint purple haze and faded blue against a backdrop of lit skyscrapers.

after a night on sunset after ive watched the sun set, i am driving home late enough to witness dawn. cruising up 605 north, i see one of the coolest things in my life: one side of LA shrouded in darkness, while the other half shows subtle pastel hints of sunlight, sharply outlining the san gabriel mountains in black. no one sees this except me because the city is still asleep. i switch on to the 60 - driving east, driving towards dawn. towards the light at the end of the tunnel. and by the time i get home, the 60 westbound is in full swing.


the dismantling has begun. after a 2 week string of goodbye parties, last thurs night we finally said the first real goodbye. one of the KGI crew shipped out of claremont and into the real world. by this friday, almost all of us will be gone. dispersed. jersey, manhattan, bay area, india, san diego, santa monica, rowland (no change), and then a few who are sticking around claremont.

today i moved a grip of crap into my new apt in SD. now im up late, cleaning out the last 2 years of my life: filing away all the assignments into a cubby, deleting all the useless emails, being gay and playing with the tassel. and then because the jazz is playing i get all sentimental and crap.

this is a big "thank you" that goes out to the people in my life who have always been there, internally and externally, KGI, UCB, WHS, family, GF, misc. etc. you know who you are, and hopefully you are reading this.

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