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In this experiment, a physicist sits in front of a gun which is triggered or not triggered depending on the decay of some radioactive atom. With each run of the experiment there is a 50-50 chance that the gun will be triggered and the physicist will die. If the Copenhagen interpretation is correct, then the gun will eventually be triggered and the physicist will die. If the many-worlds interpretation is correct then at each run of the experiment the physicist will be split into one world in which he lives and another world in which he dies. After many runs of the experiment, there will be many worlds. In the worlds where the physicist dies, he will cease to exist. However, from the point of view of the non-dead physicist, the experiment will continue running without his ceasing to exist, because at each branch, he will only be able to observe the result in the world in which he survives, and if many-worlds is correct, the physicist will notice that he never seems to die, presuming, of course, that there is no afterlife in which the physicist is conscious of his death.

Unfortunately, the physicist will be unable to report the results because, from the viewpoint of an outside observer, the probabilities will be the same whether many worlds or Copenhagen is correct.

A variation of this thought experiment suggests a controversial outcome known as quantum immortality, which is the argument that if the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics is correct then a conscious observer can never cease to exist.


what ive learned about business:

-rule #1: everything is an asset, therefore everything (including you) is expendable

-rule #1: maximize net profit, i dont care how you do it, just do it. use any means necessary. cut costs, cut costs!

-if you find an opportunity, it is your DUTY to exploit it

-if you dont take control of the situation, assume the other person will - they will see it as an opportunity and exploit it (you)

-everything must be managed, controlled, monitored down to the most nitty gritty detail in order to improve efficiency, processes, so that we can cut costs, maximize profits, and increase shareholder value

-time is scarce, prioritize! prioritize prioritize! cut corners! quick and dirty, rough rugged and raw, the finished product doesnt have to be polished

-delegate shit out like a mofo so you dont have to do it yourself. save time, align to other initiatives in collaborative depts so overlapping parts dont need to be duplicated! outsource skilled work to specialized depts/personnel that can do it faster than you!

-learn how to say NO, and push the responsibility back to others - time is scarce, draw the line so bandwidth is conserved for priority projects

-communication is the #1 skill, you will need to learn how to express yourself and influence others in varying degrees of subtlety, the spectrum is alot more granular than the binary nice vs. mean from everyday life

-play games - its all political, you are expected to play hardball, to think strategically, to be VERY competitive or get rubbed out like an old grease spot

-the idealistic picture is almost always scoped out in order to jam some project into an unmoveable timeline (ie reality) when its obvious that it doesnt fit and the process is going to be rugged and painful, doesnt matter - shove it til its broken, outsourced, or someone else's problem, remember about finished product not having to be polished

-cover your ass at all times (transparency) and play defensively

-best way to play defensively is to always assume the worst case scenario when shit will be FUBAR, but also prep the optimistic and average/expected scenarios because your boss will want to see it

-PR campaigns and ethical actions are only done to reap the beneficial marketing side effects and build up brand positioning, a company will not undertake non-profit ventures unless it helps in some way, any true grains of humanity have been swept away by tectonic economic pressures

-build relationships for selfish reasons, so you can leverage them later when you need help, need to outsource, and to build alliances to fight internal coalitions that may be gunning for you

-always pass the buck, when the ball is in your court, its like a hot potato - the longer you hold onto it, the more chances you might fuck shit up, pass that shit!


i am moved and settled into SD. work starts tomorrow!

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