harO! i am blog from SHANGHAI!

i am coming home tomorrow, but i just wanted to write a few things down about what i saw here.

(Nanjing Road, 11pm last night)
"Mister, are you interested in massages? How about just taking a look? Shanghai girls know how to please..."

shanghai: take taipei, multiply it by the boldness of new york, extrapolate that to the sprawl breadth of LA, and you get something slightly short of tokyo with more attitude. shanghai ppl are snobby as hell. girls are bitchy, service is shitty, expect to be pushed around in a crowd, be taken for a 'ride' in the cab, and be solicited. but something about this place is kinetic.

shanghai youth: mp3 player dangling, cell phone text messaging, digital camera toting, cigarette smoking, johnny walker black label pounding, 5am partying. flashy. frazzy long hair, streaks dyed blue/red/brown/gold... fashionable. pretty much like any richass fob crowd back in rowland/arcadia. seems like they got the money and are spending it. one child policy must help the indulgence. is this really a communist country??? i went to a random ass club last night and it was a cross between avaron and pure. i was surprised and impressed. it was electronica night, DJ was spinning some siCC ass set.

tourism: run into mad foreigners here. alot of koreans especially, which i didnt expect. there are signs here written in korean. japs too - the nips are always everywhere.

other notes to self: this is an ugly country. how the fuck did we reach 1.5 billion, when ppl look so fucked up (guys and girls). everyone is so pasty, and smoke and drink too much, and dont exercise. except in shanghai - ppl are pretty good looking here.

shanghai. great place to visit. it also looks like a really fun place to live in, esp during this time of change. check out: www.smartshanghai.com



this is the first time ive felt theres a place to hide in china for ABCs. the different dialects are SO indistinguishable from each other. ningbo-nese is fun to listen to and (imitate). the accents are so diff from ea other, if u came here and spoke heavily americanized mandarin, theyd probably just think thats your local village dialect. the only thing giving u away would be your clothes, the way you carry yourself, and your height (everyone here is malnourished and skinny by US standards).

anyways its really interesting learning about the developments here in china. im thinking its something like taiwan in the 1970s, or the US in the 1940s (in terms of infrastructure and spending power). but growth rate is fast, so they will probably be caught up to the G8 countries within the next 30 years. a whole slew of social problems are also appearing that merit some attention i guess. the tension from the emergence of classes is putting an interesting spin on internal politics. power structure as far as i can tell goes something as follows: capitalists with money come in from outside of china (usually taiwan, hong kong, japan, or some western country) and hire locals in the port/eastern cities to be their eyes, ears, hands... but help is hard to find now (these locals are getting richer, demanding more pay, selling their land, and have more employer shopping power now), so most of the labor is coming from the internal provinces that are poor and neglected and dont have ocean access.

i had the chance this trip to visit with my dad's suppliers and tour a couple sweatshops where i saw at least 50 child labor laws being broken. these factories manufacture everything you can think of that get exported and consumed in the US and rest of the first world.

anyways thats all i have to report for now. in an hour i am leaving to huang shan (those misty/foggy chinese mountains you always see in the movies and paintings). we are doing a day long hike to the summit, this is huang shan:

afterwards its back to the glitter of shanghai for a few days before flying back to LAX and resuming work in SD. this is stan signing off.

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