the friday night defuse pt. II

tonight while watching air force one, it suddenly hit me why i dont feel that much allegiance to the U.S., no matter how hard i work or how smart i am - i will never have a shot at being president.

why? take a look at this chinese mug and take one big fucking guess.

that ceiling, that reality is so harsh that it saps 50% of my hope and is enough to create a great disconnect between me and this country. i dont buy into the american dream because it was sold to me at a discount. i know im not getting the full deal, i cant go all the way to the top. nevermind if i actually could have made it or not, its the concept that bothers me. and you want me to swallow your salute the flag bullshit every morning since grade school? fuck that, i stopped saying the pledge of allegiance out loud in middle school and just hummed along. even 9/11 did not incite any patriotism in me, not that im rooting for the terrorists or anything though.

ive never understood why im so ungrateful for everything this country gave me. ive gained alot, and i love many aspects of american culture. but i know i did not choose to be born here. i think my attitude would be alot different if a chinese guy ever became president of the U.S. maybe i dont deserve 100% of the american dream because my forefathers didnt die fighting the british to build this country.

a couple notes to self:
-the easiest way to relate the ambiguity/crudeness of biology is to make an analogy to how we approach astronomy. just like w/ biologic systems, universe contains alot of unknowns and is studied indirectly and abstractly.
-career moves: alternate risky and safe, accelerate every few increments w/ schooling
-fuck this blog is sounding more and more like a textbook these days, something is wrong


the jerome.

EECS Madman: i see some hot ass taiwanese looking bitches in fixed up cars tho
EECS Madman: i want to fuck them
naryantek: oh shit
EECS Madman: but i dunno how
EECS Madman: or if i even should
naryantek: i dunno ask them for a ride to the nearest boba place
EECS Madman: and just start suckign on her titties
EECS Madman: and say "i meant these bobas"

#2 (jacked from myung)
EECS Madman: wanted.to.ask.you.where.u.check.traffic.updates.online
EECS Madman: sorry.my.space.bar.is.broken
EECS Madman: i.fucking.knocked.a.beer.all.over.my.laptop
EECS Madman: i.though.my.comp.would.be.done,but.only.space.bar.and.left.ctrl.and.jacked

[22:53] eecsmadman: i'm.ghetto.u.know.that
[22:53] eecsmadman: look.i.dont.even.have.a.space.bar
[22:53] eecsmadman: thats.how.ghetto.i.am
[22:54] naryantek: hahah
[22:54] naryantek: hanging out in a beater right now with pajama pants i bet
[22:54] naryantek: and electric fan
[22:55] naryantek: santa monica is baller
[22:55] eecsmadman: everything.correct.except.i.have.whitey.tighteys.on

i found this hilarious. only funny if u know jeff i guess.

[12:55] lazyjiffy: did he smoke?
[12:55] naryantek: nah
[12:55] naryantek: he quit
[12:55] lazyjiffy: whatever, he just haven't hung out with me for a while

"Remember: 'Discipline = Freedom' " - line from time management seminar at work.

i really need to get on this discipline wagon, but i'll do it after lunch...

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