vegas for the weekend! my boy steve is gettin married!


so this is what a 12 hr day at the office feels like... i did 7 to 7 today no lunch, first time. a shitload to finish before i leave, the least they can do is throw in a free t-shirt.

random thought of the day:
the key to building lasting friendships is to not base it on circumstance, but on timeless universal themes. for example, if all i ever did with friend A was bitch about math class, after math class was over forever i wouldnt have much to say to him/her anymore. oh sure, we can reminisce about math class and bitch some more, but you can only do that so much.

Blackstreet - Don't Leave Me


naryantek (2:19:50 AM): sorry did i wake u up
LazyJiffy (2:20:01 AM): no, I was backing up my porn

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