new strategy: take one day at a time, and try to live that day happy.

if i can just focus on the day im on and try to come out on top for that day, and repeat this for every day - by the time i die, i will have lived a happy life.

san diego: DONE.

onto the next step.

2pac - old school...


my friend got me an IVGN t-shirt! wut. im rocking this shit at amgen haha. i am at home right now cranking shit out last minute. its been 12 hr days most of the last 2 weeks trying to fit everything in and tomorrow is my last day. but i cant seem to concentrate, and the sounds of kids swimming in the pool outside makes me remember its summer. and speaking of summer, here is one of the best summer anthems ive heard in a while...

2pac - Ghetto Star

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