[16:02] kurupt27ls: is not mann at his best...but its still mann
[16:02] naryantek: i dunno ill probably catch it on video
[16:02] naryantek: yeah dude, hes the mann
[16:02] naryantek: or
[16:02] naryantek: is stan the mann
[16:03] naryantek: mann its hot in my cube
[16:03] kurupt27ls: mann youre gay
[16:03] naryantek: u ever see batmann begins
[16:03] kurupt27ls: nah
[16:03] kurupt27ls: but i saw supermann returns
[16:04] kurupt27ls: clark...kunt
[16:04] naryantek: lois laid
[16:04] kurupt27ls: sex luthor
[16:04] naryantek: lol
[16:06] naryantek: clit-tinite
[16:06] kurupt27ls: hahahahahaha
[16:06] naryantek: damn took me forever to think of that one
[16:07] kurupt27ls: miami dykes
[16:07] kurupt27ls: starring jamie coxx and bang li
[16:09] naryantek: i am having a writers block
[16:10] kurupt27ls: ass pirates of the carribean
[16:10] kurupt27ls: starring johnny deep-throat and whorelando poon
[16:11] naryantek: snakes on a penis
[16:11] kurupt27ls: one-eyed snakes on a plane
[16:11] kurupt27ls: hahaha
[16:11] naryantek: ok i gtg
[16:11] naryantek: i cant control myself and ppl are staring at me
[16:11] naryantek: later
[16:11] kurupt27ls: stars whores! a new hoe!
[16:12] kurupt27ls: star whores - empire CUMS back
[16:12] kurupt27ls: star whores - return of the head-i

[12:22] LazyJiffy: shit, you take over amgen, I'll take over genentech, we'll merge, then buy out pfizer
[12:22] LazyJiffy: hahaha
[12:23] naryantek: that would be awesome
[12:23] naryantek: we'll get yatin to facilitate teh merger
[12:23] naryantek: and andrew to quote skyrocketing stock prices


[12:17] naryantek: ill tell u about about it later
[12:17] naryantek: "wait, did u hear that? are u sure this line is clean?"
[12:17] kurupt27ls: werd...i was just about to mention the same thing
[12:18] kurupt27ls: You have to focus Stanley.
[12:18] kurupt27ls: There's a phone at Wells and Lake.
[12:18] kurupt27ls: You can make it
[12:19] naryantek: hahaha
[12:19] naryantek: "you like to watch him, dont you"
[12:19] kurupt27ls: dont be ridiculous
[12:20] kurupt27ls: morpheus believes lionel is the one
[12:20] naryantek: hahahaha
[12:21] naryantek: "no i cant do it. what if i cant... what if i fail."
[12:21] kurupt27ls: yea...wow...that sounds like a pretty good deal. but i got a better one. how about...i give you the figner
[12:21] kurupt27ls: ...and you give me my phone call
[12:22] naryantek: "we're willing to wipe the slate clean (waves hand) give you a fresh start. and all that we ask in return is your cooperation in bringing a known.terrorist. to justice."
[12:23] naryantek: ok i gotta get back to wrok
[12:23] naryantek: epace out man
[12:24] kurupt27ls: rgr
[12:24] kurupt27ls: buckle your seat belt dorothy...cuz kansas is going bye- bye
[12:25] naryantek: why do my eyes hurt... because youve never used them befoer...
[12:25] kurupt27ls: hahaha
[12:25] kurupt27ls: we could do this all day
[12:25] naryantek: yeah seriously
[12:25] naryantek: wanna switch to star wars

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