human nature dictates that we like to be good at things we love. (a conclusion i've made from my own observations) therefore, if we do not love what we currently do, are we not at a competitive disadvantage against those that do?

im motivated, but not enough. i screw around an awful lot, i cant even control it. there are those getting ahead faster than me, doing what they love.

therefore. in the super competitive capitalistic driven world, does it not make more sense to sharpen your advantage not by picking the job that pays the most, but by doing what you like to do? you enter a profession where motivation has a positive feedback mechanism, and self perpetuates.

argh i always drive myself in circles with this damn question. ive been asking it for the last 10 years. one by one, i see ppl around me succumb to economic necessity. its all of us. have you seen how much property costs these days???

what will you do to chase that dream...?

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