its hard to fake poise when you blush easily. unless blushing can be controlled by state of mind.

#&*(&*%(#&*(!@*@(!!!*#()@*)! FUCKIGN TRAFFIC.

this week has been terrible commute wise. 405 jammed up like a mofo this morning. took me 68 mins to get to work (all-time high). usually only takes 45 mins. the second all time high happened tuesday morning (66 mins). these are very unusual traffic patterns. last 2 months of commuting have been fine until this week.

coming home is equally bad, there will be traffic at 8:30 pm sometimes. by the time i get home, its usually 8 or 9. enough time to eat dinner and go to bed. WTF am i doing this retarded commute for. i drive 80 miles everyday and no one cares. i am starting to think its not worth it, if it gets worse maybe i will move back to TO.

ok it feels alot better that i vented that.

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