got to the office at 5am today. fuck, this is just like KGI except with traffic. well at least there was no traffic today when I was driving at 4am. and at least i havent started traveling for work yet. i get in today and first e-mail i get is from my team-mate, date stamped 3:32am this morning, which is about the time i woke up for work. well, ive heard all the crazy stories about ppl sleeping for days in their offices during FDA submissions - i just hope that will never be me.

upcoming travel:
11/18/06 - 11/19/06 - san francisco, CA
11/23/06 - 11/25/06 - las vegas, NV
12/6/06 - 12/7/06 - providence, RI
12/11/06 - 12/12/06 - fremont, CA
12/23/06 - 1/2/07 - somewhere with a relaxing beach

more on work life and why it sucks later.

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