alot of the advice i get from others is bad advice.


fuck i have no life dude. i work 60 hrs a week with no overtime pay. then spend 10 hrs a week commuting over 400 miles each week. to get home and barely get to see my gf before she falls asleep. then make feeble attempts to balance my social life with walnut family life while im exhausted on the weekends. as my personal projects collect cobwebs on the backburner.

well its not as bad as i make it sound. but this is definitely taking a toll on me. i try to keep an open perspective and be optimistic. my job is pretty kickass - it just takes up too much time and i want to be balancing other stuff as well. i will try to do an end of the year update or new years update to talk more in depth about my whirlwind experiences in the corporate world of big pharma.

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