ok i was wrong about the wii.

"lets waste time, chasing cars... around our heads." - snow patrol (chasing cars)


xmas 06 - dave goes to hearst castle

[11:11] eyuan34: thought dave was going to go but hes at Herst Mansion lol
[11:11] naryantek: HAHAHA
[11:11] eyuan34: hahaa
[11:11] naryantek: wtf hearst mansion?
[11:11] naryantek: so random
[11:11] eyuan34: thats what i said
[11:11] naryantek: lol
[11:11] naryantek: thats awesome
[11:12] eyuan34: why go though?
[11:12] naryantek: to hearst?
[11:12] eyuan34: yeah
[11:12] naryantek: yeah no idea, i never been there
[11:12] eyuan34: i could understand if its part of a trip
[11:12] naryantek: but it looks gay
[11:12] eyuan34: haha
[11:12] naryantek: its just a big house isnt it
[11:12] eyuan34: yeah
[11:12] naryantek: how boring
[11:12] eyuan34: but its suppose to be a hugh house
[11:12] eyuan34: with doors that lead to no where lol
[11:13] naryantek: how retarded
[11:13] naryantek: lol
[11:13] eyuan34: yeah
[11:13] naryantek: did he go with katie
[11:13] eyuan34: i would hope so
[11:13] eyuan34: haha
[11:14] naryantek: ahhaha if he went for his own reasons id question
[11:14] naryantek: he better have been dragged into it or osmething
[11:14] eyuan34: haha
[11:14] eyuan34: that would be suspect

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