steve jobs you wily coyote, u fucking did it. i wish i had fucking thought of it. i think im in the wrong sector... it would be way cool to work for apple at this time.

edit: but on second thought, would the iphone cannibalize the ipod market? seems like the markets def overlap. why would i buy an ipod if i can get an iphone for almost the same price? if i own an ipod now and want to buy an iphone... wouldnt that make my old ipod obsolete?

edit2: after watching a demo of iphone on www.apple.com, i am drooling over it. seems to blow treo out of the water, and so easy to use! the marketing has got everyone's panties in a bunch. apple TV - it never occurred to me, and here i am connecting my computer to the TV via A/V cables to watch DiVx files and buying a video cable to play my ipod videos on the TV. obviously a need there that apple delivered directly to with a premium priced product... what's next? a gaming system to compete against xbox? going head to head against the Wii? what if apple and nintendo teamed up to release a crazy handheld game system that will blow PSP away? possibilities are endless, these guys own.

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