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friday night apartment routine:

a beer, a pipe, pistachios & a movie. i look forward to this every weekend.


2006. what a crazy year. this is the year when everything changed. the transition from sleep deprived student to adrenaline cracked out corporate newbie. from claremont to san diego. from abgenix to immunex to invitrogen to amgen. from brentwood to thousand oaks... daily. this transition can be summed up by two quotes:

"My face hurts so much from fake-smiling." - jerome
"Man all you guys talk about is money... Maybe making money is a passion." - los

here's what i've learned:
1. wow in the real world, money really does make the world go round. money talks, if you don't have it, you can clap but nothing will happen.

2. its difficult to get rich. no matter how much you have, it never seems enough. life is expensive - save up, invest wisely.

3. the adult world plays by its own rules. brutal competition and fighting for survival seem to be common themes that make friendships even more difficult to make. learn politics. play smart. dont expect much from others, their motives are most likely self serving.

4. everyone likes to compare how much money they make. its like the adult version of whipping your dick out to show everyone how big it is. money is a shitty metric of one's value, however its easily measureable. i want to tell them all to get a life. but then i realize, id be telling that to almost everyone i meet, so where does that leave me? talk about isolation by value difference.

5. the business world is akin to a group of starved dogs fighting for the same piece of steak... or a texas hold em game.

6. i can see how age kills innovation and risk-taking. cant take much risk when you need to make mortgage payments, car payments, and take care of kids and family. talk about being shackled by the system. you cant really think of cool ideas and tinker around when you are stressed with trying to keep your head above water. its best to innovate in high school and college.

7. where are all the other slackers in the company? am i the only reckless and lazy one? an entire company without individuality? conclusion: everyone is a badass poker player that hides their cards well.

8. patience is a virtue that isnt valued. the shift in rules has affected my perception of the world and is utterly disorienting. i suppose this what is called "the real world".

9. analyze, evaluate, criticize, dissect. sift through the data. communicate. get to the factors. roll it back up into a solution. pick it apart. break the problem into parts, components. is this person on my side? read the motive. read between the lines. get to the hidden agendas. navigate it. set traps. my job gets pretty intense. it takes too much thinking, which is why i rather listen to mindless radio and TV when i get home. my head usually hurts at the end of the day.

10. not all my friends understand what i talk about when i complain about corporate culture. the common assumption nowadays is that the playing field is even. mistake. everyones paths are diverging more than ever now. and expectations across industries, jobs, positions etc vary wildly based on what type of job you are working. while once everyone was somewhat at the same level in high school, something happened. striation happened.

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