as you guys can tell i have been obsessed lately with my descent into adulthood. i've decided i dont like what the corporate world is doing to me, and that it is defintely making me more arrogant, selfish, and... well, fake (all essential skills to survive in my current work environment).

arrogance is needed in order to show off how smart/capable you are to build credibility with others i have to work with, selfishness is needed to conserve resources (mainly your time and that of your teammates), fakeness is needed to be able to interact with a zillion different types of ppl you meet on the job that you have to be able to work with - as well as in company social settings where you basically relationship build with others so they will help you later when you need it.

the price? i think is you sacrifice your ideals, and any down-to-earth qualities you had to begin with. however the flipside of it is that i am able to get more what i want more often. and i am able to get things done, get access to opportunities i didnt have before, etc. honestly i am a bit confused about where i stand on all this, i just wanted to record it somewhere.

is there something that needs to be done here? or am i just wasting my time pondering ways to dodge an inevitable outcome.

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