fear infects too. inhibits risk taking. restricts exploration. life. note to self: live without fear to achieve what youre destined for. daredevil stylez.

ive been MIA yet again due to working too much. i worked over 60 hours/wk for the past month. i never thought i could work so much. there is an old saying at AMGN... "You come to Amgen for the work/life balance and the gym... since I've been here, I haven't seen either." i get pretty cranky due to lack of free time. i think all i ask for is to have more predictable work hours and not have to take stuff home all the time. i also need to be thinking of where i want to be eventually.

also been busy moving into a new apt. i live like 2 steps away from danny now (across the street), i can see them outside of my doortstep. bong smoke floatin out the balcony window.

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