i left my heart in san francisco (again).

it was a really great trip. worked alot, had alot of fun. saw some old friends. great weather, rode a trolley for the first time. and realized how lucky i am to be living out what i couldnt have dreampt up a year ago. i really wouldnt mind moving back to the bay, the city is admittedly better than west LA at this oh-so-humble moment because i miss it. the sense of independence is liberating: no family around, not that many friends, a whole new landscape, blank slate, start clean - no expectations - just myself and an undefined road in front of me waiting to get trailblazed without external influence. suddenly LA feels stifling.

(Stanley gets into a yellow cab with middle eastern hippie/rastafarian driver)
driver: living in an urban setting, you learn to be theatrical
me: yeah everyone's playing a part huh
driver: your homebase is LA?
me: you tell me...

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